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Branford Marsalis to Compose Music for Broadway Revival of Fences

Branford Marsalis, the Grammy-winning saxophonist, will compose music for the upcoming Broadway revival of Fences. Read more »

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Jazz review: Branford Marsalis and a night at the opera

Charlie Parker’s favourite composer was Igor Stravinsky and there has always been some cross-pollination between the worlds of jazz and classical music.

Some of our great jazz players have gone all the way, performing and recording classical works. Wynton Marsalis led the charge with his best-selling Haydn trumpet concerto, followed closely by his older brother Branford. Keith Jarrett has been steadily working his way through the Bach and Handel keyboard catelogues and several prominent classical pianists have at least one “jazz project” in their discographies. Read more »

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The Branford Marsalis Quartet are skillful technicians, but more than that, they project distinct personalities.

Branford Marsalis Quartet
Michael Fowler Centre, March 20

Branford Marsalis means serious jazz, right?

Well, I certainly expected the gig to have a serious tone, but it was more about joyful interaction between four musicians who love playing together letting the audience in on the fun. Read more »

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Review: Branford Marsalis Quartet at Hamer Hall in Melbourne

BRANFORD Marsalis named his most recent recording Metamorphosen to signal the continuing musical evolution of his celebrated quartet over the past decade. The band’s first line-up change came just as Metamorphosen was released in early 2009, with 18-year-old drummer Justin Faulkner replacing the legendary Jeff ”Tain” Watts. Read more »

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Branford blowing from home: a heartfelt and practical reaction to the devastation of New Orleans

WHEN jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis and his friend Harry Connick Jr heard about the devastation of New Orleans in 2005, their reaction was heartfelt and practical. They organised the building of a Musicians’ Village.

We have a great love for New Orleans. Without the musicians in the city, it would have been impossible for us to achieve any success,” says Marsalis, speaking from his home in Durham, North Carolina. Read more »

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