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• During your formative years, how did radio serve as an influence?

 I learned a lot about listening as a result of the radio.  From the popular standard fare such as Tommy Dorsey, Helen O’Connell and Glenn Miller to the mystery shows such as Lights Out, The Shadow, Superman and the Lone Ranger, whose theme song came from Rossini.  Later, I heard a modern show that was programming the music of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker and I said Wow! What is THAT?  That experience caused me to move into the direction that I would ultimately pursue.
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Branford Marsalis: Top Ten Favorite Albums

Ten Favorite Albums.

1.) Elton John- Honky Chateau. Read more »

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The solo recording is a rite of passage for any pianist.

Date: 09.01.2007
Publication: Jazziz
Author: John Frederick Moore

The solo recording is a rite of passage for any pianist. But on this effort from Joey Calderazzo, best known lately for his work as a member of Branford Marsalis’ group, he’s at his best when he gets a little help from his friends.
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