August 2013 Marsalis Music Newsletter

Wed, 2013-08-07

Branford’s Birthday Sale
We are celebrating our supreme leader’s birthday this month with a special sale. In honor of Branford Marsalis’ August 26 birthday, we are offering 30% off all of his merchandise at the Marsalis Music Store. No special code is needed - the discount will be taken off automatically at checkout. DVDs, CDs, vinyl, and full-length digital albums will be discounted through August 31.

Memories of Branford?
Do you have any specific memories or stories about Branford Marsalis that you’d like to share with us? A favorite performance, a memory connected to his music, an interaction with the man himself? Please share it with us by emailing info [at] marsalismusic [dot] com (subject: Memory%20of%20Branford) . One lucky participant chosen at random will receive a Marsalis Music t-shirt!
Newport Jazz Festival Re-cap
We hope that many of our readers were lucky enough to attend last weekend’s Newport Jazz Festival. Our friends at NPR and WBGO have some great coverage of the Festival on their websites including a multitude of live performances. Check it out!
NPR’s Newport coverage
WGBO’s Newport coverage
Miguel Zenón’s Caravana Cultural
Miguel Zenón’s Caravana Cultural is a project that organizes free-of-charge jazz concerts in the rural areas of Puerto Rico. Each concert focuses on the music of a legendary jazz figure and is preceded by a pre-concert talk during which the audience is exposed to the basics of improvisation and to biographical information about the musician being honored. Since 2011, Miguel has presented concerts all over Puerto Rico. The next Caravana Cultural presentation will be on Sunday, August 11 at El  Teatro Juanita Arenas in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico presenting the music of Wayne Shorter. More info available here.
Branford Marsalis Tour Dates
Please check Branford’s Events Page on for the latest tour dates.

Jazz is the perfect music for barbecues, don’t you think?
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