Marsalis Music April News: Celebrate JAM

Tue, 2014-04-01

April is Jazz Appreciation Month
Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) is a time to celebrate the unique qualities of America’s art form, the talents of jazz legends, the joy music can bring to its audiences, and whatever jazz means to you. JAM culminates with International Jazz Day on April 30 featuring an exciting line-up of jazz all-stars from around the globe celebrating in style at an outdoors concert in Osaka, Japan.

How do you appreciate Jazz?
Share with us how or why you appreciate jazz. Maybe it’s to help you relax during your terrible commute, or because it reminds you of your dad’s record collection, or at your child’s jazz ensemble concert, or with a martini. info [at] marsalismusic [dot] com (subject: Jazz%20Appreciation) (Email us), post to our Facebook page, or use hashtag #MarsalisMusicJAM on Twitter with your response.

Whoever shares with us our favorite response this month will win a vinyl copy of the Branford Marsalis Quartet’s Four MFs Playin’ Tunes signed by the entire band!

Because we appreciate you, we’d like to offer you a discount at the Marsalis Music online store starting today through the end of April. Enter discount code CELEBRATEJAM at checkout and receive 25% off of your entire order. Visit our store now.


Branford’s Jazz Appreciation
In a recent interview with John Wirt for The Advocate, Branford Marsalis discussed his thoughts on the similarities between the jazz and classical genres and how he enjoys a musical challenge. Branford shows his jazz appreciation with honoring the spirit of jazz greats by playing as well as he can. He told Wirt, “A lot of people in jazz are always about this desire to move the music forward. That brings glory to them, as opposed to them playing the music as well as it can be played, which brings glory to the people who came before them.” Read the rest of the interview here.

Branford Marsalis Tour Dates
Please visit our Events page for the latest information regarding tour dates.

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